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Yoga Nidra is defined in yoga, as deep sleep with awareness. It is said that one Yoga Nidra session equals eight hours of sleep, leaving one fully rejuvenated! This class requires absolutely no yoga or meditation experience.We will assist you in formulating a comfortable, reclining position, allowing you to enter a state of complete peace and rest. The instructor will lead you through guided relaxation and mediation.A segment of this workshop will introduce the student to the yoga Koshas (layers of awareness), various body postures that assist the relaxation process, and ideas for a home practice.

Nancy Kearon ERYT500/YACEP
and founding member of Yoga Unify
For Yoga Teachers – Earn 2 CEU’s
$5 for Certificate

When: Friday, October 15th

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Cost $20

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