Intro to Yoga for Beginners

This workshop is for you if you are:
 Looking to introduce some safe movement into your routine for the new year
 Always wanted to explore yoga but weren’t sure how to get started
 Perhaps you once practiced yoga on a regular basis but are looking to refresh your
 Have a need to make self-care a priority in the new year
 Aren’t sure what to expect at a yoga studio or during a yoga practice
 Have trouble carving out time for yourself
 Would like to become more flexible and improve overall wellbeing
 Are looking to calm your mind and strengthen your body in a safe space and community

Join us for this informal 90 minute workshop where Val will cover what to expect when arriving at the studio, using props in your practice, putting breath to movement and learning a simple flow you can take with you to use at home or during the workday. We welcome you to our magical community where we strive to make yoga accessible for all!

Date: Saturday, January 15th

Time: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

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