Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga – This is your class if your yoga journey is just beginning. Come to learn and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive non-judgmental environment. In this class the basic, foundational yoga postures are practiced to help align, strengthen and promote flexibility. We will also work to increase our range of motion and mobility. You can expect emphasis on simplicity, repetition and ease of movement. Come and explore your mind/body awareness and self-acceptance.

EmPower Yoga – Fast-paced Vinyasa style yoga practice focused on connecting movement to breath and building strength and endurance. Come sweat with us! Some yoga background/experience is recommended

Fit and Flow – Join us as we spend 25 minutes building strength and fitness using combinations of hand weights, bands and barre-style movement. This segment focuses on building leg, shoulder, arm and core strength through targeted and intentional resistance movements. Then transition to fifty minutes of all-levels yoga curated to invite peace and calm to both the body and mind. You are invited to meet your strength, fitness, flexibility and balance needs all in one class.

Feel Good Flow – This is a vinyasa-style class, some experience and knowledge of vinyasa-style is recommended. The class will begin with stretching and warming up, followed by a feel-good vinyasa flow, connecting breath to movement and creating strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind, concluding with stretches and poses to wind down and prepare you for the rest of your evening. 

Gentle Yoga (Beginner and Child Friendly)
Join us for a simple but effective gentle practice as we put movement to breath and move mindfully. Poses will be seated and standing, and appropriate for experienced and new practitioners. Children eight years and above are welcome to attend with their parent/guardian. For those new to yoga, feel free to arrive a few minutes early for a brief orientation and to borrow one of the mats available at the studio. All other props are also provided.

Journey Yoga – In Journey Yoga, we use asana poses in a variety of ways–Vinyasa yoga, dynamic movements and long holds–combined with breathwork and meditation.  We’ll experience yoga beyond asana so we can take our yoga practice into our lives outside of class.  Some yoga experience is suggested but modifications will be offered.

Tension Detox – This class is focusing on poses that target your deep connective tissues. This slower more meditative class melts tension and gives you the space to tune into the mind and physical sensations of your bode. All levels welcome.

Yin Yang Yoga – Blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic standing postures. This class is suitable for all levels and ages.

Yoga for Life – Kripalu style yoga with emphasis on safe alignment, breath, and movement through asanas.  With verbal and visual guidance this class will stretch, awaken, and energize.  Every pose can be modified to work for any body.  Inhale and find joy…exhale and find peace

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