Meet Our Fairies

Stacey Valdez – Co-founder,

Reiki Master/Teacher,

200 HR – RYT

Stacey has spent most of her life straddling two worlds. The corporate and the energetic. As a highly sensitive intuitive person, she was always aware of the energy around her. While that helped her in the corporate world, it wasn’t until she found Reiki in early 2017 that she finally knew what she was meant to do with her energetic gifts. It was at that time, she decided to train and become a Reiki Master/ Teacher, so she could help clients heal as well as train others to heal themselves. In 2020, Stacey and her husband Joe founded Fairy Moon Yoga. It is their hope to use this sacred space to build a health and wellness community to serve the local area and provide the resources for people to find themselves. In addition to Reiki, Stacey is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and developing a life coaching program to help women engage the second half of their life, as a new beginning, to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Cat Stroh Teacher, CYT200

Cat Stroh, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – CYT

Cat is a recently certified yoga teacher. After practicing yoga for 5 years, she decided it was time to deepen her practice and sign up for a yoga teacher training. She loves spreading the joy and love of yoga and how yoga can transform someone physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s her goal to help people connect their breath to movement while bringing awareness to their body and help relieve some of the stress and tension we all bring to the mat!

Valerie Saveri, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – RYT

Valerie has been practicing yoga for a decade and attained her 200 hour RYT certification in 2020.  Her focus is making yoga accessible to all ages and bodies to achieve the benefits to muscles and joints when moving deeply into poses.  Off the mat, Valerie enjoys Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on Mauch Chunk and Belzville lakes in Carbon County.  Her next goal is to link the inherent joys of yoga and SUP together. 

Ursula Demetriou, Yoga Teacher 500 HR – RYT

Ursula has been practicing Yoga since the birth of her first child 43 years ago. She studied extensively with Masters in the Shivananda Hatha Yoga style,  where she also studied with Master Teacher Kate Kuss in Nidra Meditation and Yin  Yoga. Ursula also raised 3 more children, taught water aerobics and believed that age is just a number.  She became a 500 hour RYT teacher at the age of 60. After being diagnosed with Osteopenia, she reached out to the senior population in Carbon County and began showing how Yoga can improve flexibility, strength, balance and most importantly confidence in oneself. 

Heather Barna-Dowling Yoga Teacher ERYT – 300 Reiki Master

Heather began her yoga journey in childhood with her mother sharing different practices and meditations as an everyday part of their lives. Life happens and things evolve. After getting sober in 2011 Heather came back to her practice of yoga & meditation regularly integrating her trauma and recovery training into classes she offers. Heather’s practice of yoga reaches far beyond the mat, guiding people, internationally, through significant life events as a practicing Life Coach and End of Life Doula at River Lotus Healing. In addition to teaching Yoga, she leads women’s talking stick circles, spiritual workshops and retreats both public and private. Heather is a Reiki Master Teacher, Master Crystal Healer, Shamanic Healer, Sound Healer and incorporates all modalities into her private Reiki Energy Healing Sessions with clients as well as savasana at the end of her classes and during her public guided meditation. Significantly trauma trained, Heather specializes in Yoga4Sobriety, a recovery program designed for addiction and Connected Warriors, a program designed for veterans. Heathers focus is on the importance of the Mind and Body connection and each practice makes that connection accessible to every body. Over the years she has had the unique opportunity to teach not only in studios and gyms, she teaches in nature, private homes, retreats, virtually and in hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabs and prisons.“If you think you cant do yoga I promise you, you can and I am here to guide you safely.”

Lorene Wolf-Hudak, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – CYT

After taking many years of yoga classes the opportunity arose to study under a wonderful teacher trainer.  When Lorene began, she was only hoping to deepen her practice.  Training includes teaching classes under guidance and she found she loved to teach.  Lorene has taught since graduating in 2009 .The style of yoga she teaches is a Kripalu.  Some poses feel as if they invite  a smooth movement into another pose.  Class begins with warmup and centering.  Stretching from head to toe,  inviting thoughts to turn inward to experience movement and monitor sensation. As we move to asanas attention is paid to alignment  breath and working within personal limitations.  Her class is available to any skill level, if needed a chair can be used to help. She feels every person can benefit from centering their mind  breathing and stretching their body!

Tatiana Ristevska, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – CYT

For Tatiana, yoga has also been about healing. Mentally more than physically, but after her teacher training in 2019 she realized they were one in the same.Since she started seven years ago, yoga has been an evolving journey. The depths of its origins and discipline making her not only reimagine the way she approached her practice, but her personal  life as well. After taking a few months off from practicing, she not only came back but completed her 200 hour teacher training at Dhyana Yoga Arts Studio under the guidance of Deanna Sidoti, an Alignment and  Yoga for Backcare and Scoliosis specialist, making her reimagine her practice yet again.Some of her favorite poses are wheel pose and Warrior III,  but ultimately Tatiana  believes in a well rounded practice and strives to make yoga therapeutic for everyone.  Aside from her fondness of yoga she also loves her miniature pinscher Eli. 

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