Meet Our Fairies

Stacey Valdez – Co-founder, Reiki Master/Teacher


Stacey has spent most of her life straddling two worlds. The corporate and the energetic. As a highly sensitive intuitive person, she was always aware of the energy around her. While that helped her in the corporate world, it wasn’t until she found Reiki in early 2017 that she finally knew what she was meant to do with her energetic gifts. It was at that time, she decided to train and become a Reiki Master/ Teacher, so she could help clients heal as well as train others to heal themselves. In 2020, Stacey and her husband Joe founded Fairy Moon Yoga. It is their hope to use this sacred space to build a health and wellness community to serve the local area and provide the resources for people to find themselves. In addition to Reiki, Stacey is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and developing a life coaching program to help women engage the second half of their life, as a new beginning, to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Maya Kowalcyk 200HR – ERYT

As a runner, hiker, mountain biker, paddleboarder and general outdoor enthusiast, yoga has been the glue which has helped me to remain (mostly) injury-free, prevent future injuries, and maintain physical and mental health for many years. Throughout the years, Maya has helped athletes, doctors, business owners, grandmothers, and countless others enjoy the practice of yoga. Teaching a wide range of students has helped her to see that EVERYone can benefit from this practice. Maya lights up when she see’s people transform their bodies, heal their bodies, learn how to relax and focus, and build strength and confidence in themselves through this practice. Her teaching style is vinyasa based, but expect to hold poses for longer periods at times, and also plan to explore restorative postures, yin yoga, and functional movement exercises thrown in here and there. Breathwork and mindfulness practices are also an integral part of her teaching. Maya looks forward to moving and breathing together!

Yurika Miller, Yoga Teacher 200HR – CYT

Although Yurika started doing yoga 10 years ago, it wasn’t an immediate love affair. She was born in Japan and came to the US alone to study.  Until recently she had been working as a psychotherapist in Philadelphia. Five years ago, she turned back to yoga and her relationship was very different this time. Through yoga she realized the endless possibilities for where she was able to take her body and through the process came to know herself through the movement and breath. She decided to share this new awakening with others. Yurika took her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia. She has been teaching for three years in Philadelphia before moving to the Carbon County Area.

Cat Stroh Teacher, CYT200

Cat Stroh, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – CYT

Cat is a recently certified yoga teacher. After practicing yoga for 5 years, she decided it was time to deepen her practice and sign up for a yoga teacher training. She loves spreading the joy and love of yoga and how yoga can transform someone physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s her goal to help people connect their breath to movement while bringing awareness to their body and help relieve some of the stress and tension we all bring to the mat!

Valerie Saveri, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – RYT

Valerie has been practicing yoga for a decade and attained her 200 hour RYT certification in 2020.  Her focus is making yoga accessible to all ages and bodies to achieve the benefits to muscles and joints when moving deeply into poses.  Off the mat, Valerie enjoys Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on Mauch Chunk and Belzville lakes in Carbon County.  Her next goal is to link the inherent joys of yoga and SUP together. 

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