Meet Our Fairies

Stacey Valdez – Co-founder,

Reiki Master/Teacher,

200 HR – RYT

Stacey has spent most of her life straddling two worlds. The corporate and the energetic. As a highly sensitive intuitive person, she was always aware of the energy around her. While that helped her in the corporate world, it wasn’t until she found Reiki in early 2017 that she finally knew what she was meant to do with her energetic gifts. It was at that time, she decided to train and become a Reiki Master/ Teacher, so she could help clients heal as well as train others to heal themselves. In 2020, Stacey and her husband Joe founded Fairy Moon Yoga. It is their hope to use this sacred space to build a health and wellness community to serve the local area and provide the resources for people to find themselves. In addition to Reiki, Stacey is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and developing a life coaching program to help women engage the second half of their life, as a new beginning, to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Cat Stroh Teacher, CYT200

Cat Stroh, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – CYT

Cat is a recently certified yoga teacher. After practicing yoga for 5 years, she decided it was time to deepen her practice and sign up for a yoga teacher training. She loves spreading the joy and love of yoga and how yoga can transform someone physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s her goal to help people connect their breath to movement while bringing awareness to their body and help relieve some of the stress and tension we all bring to the mat!

Valerie Saveri, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – RYT

Valerie has been practicing yoga for a decade and attained her 200 hour RYT certification in 2020.  Her focus is making yoga accessible to all ages and bodies to achieve the benefits to muscles and joints when moving deeply into poses.  Off the mat, Valerie enjoys Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on Mauch Chunk and Belzville lakes in Carbon County.  Her next goal is to link the inherent joys of yoga and SUP together. 

Ursula Demetriou, Yoga Teacher 500 HR – RYT

Ursula has been practicing Yoga since the birth of her first child 43 years ago. She studied extensively with Masters in the Shivananda Hatha Yoga style,  where she also studied with Master Teacher Kate Kuss in Nidra Meditation and Yin  Yoga. Ursula also raised 3 more children, taught water aerobics and believed that age is just a number.  She became a 500 hour RYT teacher at the age of 60. After being diagnosed with Osteopenia, she reached out to the senior population in Carbon County and began showing how Yoga can improve flexibility, strength, balance and most importantly confidence in oneself. 

Susan Debski, Yoga Teacher 200 HR – RYT

For Susan, becoming a 200HR RYT lead to the discovery of her authentic self and allowed her to connect to the child within. This newly found gift has unleashed the fountain of youth inside her where the energy of the mind, body and spirit continues to grow and flow every day on and off the yoga mat. It wasn’t until I began studying for my 200HR RYT certification at Boundless Yoga Studio in East Stroudsburg, that I came to fully appreciate and understand more deeply that connection. It has become second nature to intertwine the philosophy, practice, and lifestyle of yoga, with my daily life. My journey has just begun!

My classes are inspired to enhance the connection between the mind, body and personal spirit. Mindfulness, Meditation and breath are all connected to the physical aspect of the postures. The goal of class is to foster self-awareness and acceptance, grounding us for growth and personal development. Each class can be a moment of self-discovery and space to explore ourselves internally and find compassion for ourselves and others.

Nancy Kearon E RYT 500/YACEP, Reiki Master

Yoga is a way of life, not limited to our asana practice.Through yoga, the eight-limb path I am inspired to meet myself exactly where I am, at any given moment.   As a teacher, I invite students to meet themselves, where they are, at any given moment in their life. My commitment as a yoga teacher, is to weave ancient wisdom into all of my teaching, awakening not only the physical but the deeper possibilities within ourselves. I live with gratitude for the wisdom of the ancient texts and am deeply humbled and appreciative for the teachers that have guided me on this path. May everyone recognize that life’s journey is filled with limitless possibilities. Namaste’ 

Nancy first stepped on the yoga mat in 1971, and renewed her commitment to yoga in 2000.  She has taught yoga since 2008

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