There is plenty of parking for Fairy Moon Yoga. Please enter from Centre Street. It is a one way street. Please do not back up the street. You can go up Main Street and around the block and re-enter from Centre Street.

  • Parking is available on both sides of the street. You may park in the blue area. That is currently not handicapped parking.
  • When pulling down the street please pull all the way up to the yellow to allow for others to park right behind you. This will allow for maximum parking.
  • It is illegal to park in front of a garage or across the street from a garage. There are two garages on Chestnut street, please be courteous.
  • Please obey the yellow curb markers to not block the garage or the visibility at the end of the street.
  • There is also some parking on Main Street. Just remember there is only parking on one side.